Year: 2019

“Game of Thrones”: The Epic Fantasy Series that Conquered the World

Written by Stannah on 28th March 2019

The Iron Stairlift Throne is probably something you’ve never seen before! It’s straight out of our Game of Thrones stairlift collection and is trimmed in several-hundred-year-old, still-sharp swords to complete the look. Well……No, even though we do have a vast array of options to make your stairlift your own, turning it into the Iron Throne […]

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Laughter is the best medicine!

Written by Stannah on 19th March 2019

What happens to us when we start laughing? Why do we feel so good when we do, and what benefits does a good laugh attack have for our bodies and minds? Today on International Day of Happiness we’re going to look into that! Test your own laughing potential with our self-test in this article, learn […]

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Women in Science: Marian Diamond’s ground-breaking findings on brain plasticity

Written by Stannah on 20th February 2019

Source: Luna Productions Marian Diamond, who died at the age of 90 (July 25, 2017), was a professor of anatomy and an expert on the brain. Over the last 60 years, Marian Diamond continued to teach and do research in the area of neurophysiology. As a teacher, she was honoured as one of the most […]

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The History of Stairs: from fascinating architecture to access barriers

Written by Stannah on 15th February 2019

The History of Stairs is the history of longevity itself, of the constant replication of the same structure and function. And to tell the story of stairs is to tackle the challenge of telling a never-ending tale that’s part history, part fiction. There’s much more to a staircase than meets the eye! Exploring the duality […]

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A Celebration of Love

Written by Stannah on 12th February 2019

What is Love? When we take a look at the dictionary definition it seems dull, like something almost tangible. The description that we thought described it best was: Love is unconditional selflessness It’s by far the most used emotion in the creative arts, it’s something intrinsic of all living beings. And you don’t necessarily have […]

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The Science Behind Functional Balance: improving your awareness of your balance health!

Written by Stannah on 10th January 2019

Our loss of functional balance usually goes unnoticed and overlooked, and consequently, our loss of balance may go unnoticed until a fall happens As the number of over 65s grows rapidly, concern has grown about the quality of life of the elderly. The concern is even greater if we consider that old age is associated […]

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